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Worldwide access

Working in SaaS is a way to provide global accessibility across languages, time zones, and network capabilities. Be an active part of the rapidly growing community and discover the innovative environment that has been trusted by many.

Your time has value

Efficiency is a keyword for successful traders. Build up your market performance by understanding rules of modern business. Save your time, reduce the sales costs and dive into the limitless world of auctions in just a few clicks.

Start from scratch

Use the platform to automatically evaluate the price of your items, based on grading's world standard of used IT equipment. Analyze the correlation between the different type of defects and value of damage ratio.

Comfort that matters

Decrease the time necessary to reach new customers and automatically import your current inventory data to the system. Access unlimited compatibility and work without any worries for data formats or operating system.

Search it

Depending on your needs, search for interesting offers using our advanced search engine. Get the knowledge about the market and boost the effectiveness of your company by adjusting adequate prices to products' availability.

Get more for less

Study the profitability of your and salesmans products based on the integrated analytical tool, designed to show the measurable gain in an accessible form. Create the successful strategy to increase your earnings even more!

Easy to learn, easy to use

The platform is user-friendly, making it the perfect start point for market veterans as well as beginners. Decrease the complexity to a minimum by using the 'Favorite Prices' option and optimize your daily shopping.

Perfect match

Point your needs by creating requests on the integrated auction system. Automatically contact the suppliers who match your expectations and buy necessary products directly from them. Analyze the needs and meet the demands of the market.

Many-Faced Corporation

Add multiple users to one company's account to get even better control over your business. Simplify your daily routine and use dedicated admin panel to manage your sales lists and the current state of inventory.

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Buy from the trusted suppliers


Join the active marketplace and buy from a wide variety of products.


Use dedicated tools to estimate the value of selling computers and additional items.


Buy products and increase the effectivness of your company by making it more time and cost efficient.

Sell without any limitatons


Reach new customers by selling computers and computer parts worldwide.


Use dedicated tools to manage your sales list and your inventory.


Analyze the needs to provide the best solutions for the market overall.

Ease of grading


Automatically evaluate the price of your listed items, based on grading’s world standard of used IT equipment.


Choose the type of defects and size of damage ratio


Get information about the market price of your products.

Look at our straightforward pricing and choose package that suit you.

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